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    We want you to take a minute and think about your family safety - don't you want to have the same reassurances about your family's safety as employers normally have about their employees? Well, be aware that with today's technology and the use of the Internet - it is doable!

    The importance of the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) in making employers aware of the past misdemeanors of their workers has long been taken for granted, and all crimes, from traffic offences to violent acts, are recorded so that all evidence, convictions or pending cases can clearly be seen, and today people are able to better know who is standing in front of them.

    Now, wouldn't you want the same confidence for your own family members and for those who are close to you? Well, assuming you are a reasonable person than your answer will probably be "YES, I want", then in that case - you should continue to read the following paragraphs which will provide a comprehensive explanation.

    Running a Criminal Record Check

    Have you, for example, ever been worried about someone's background in close contact with one of your young children? Have you ever wondered if it was possible to run a criminal record check about someone your daughter is interested in, without anyone else being aware of that search?

    Well, today, you should know that one can have the same peace of mind by accessing the online criminal records of almost any person living in the UK by using online databases, and by that people can, in effect, do their own CRB criminal records check from the comfort of their own home or office, and in less than two minutes they will be able to access all relevant information regarding a specific individual.

    With Home Office figures showing over two million crimes against people in the UK for every single year, be vigilant about the safety of your family from criminals becomes necessary. Similar numbers of people have reported crimes of intimate (formally domestic) violence - and studies show that most victims know their attacker, therefore, there is a way to check the people around us and try to lower the ratio to be attacked.

    Public Criminals Records

    Trends in government data show that these statistics are going up year by year, having said that, people need to know, in advance, if there might be a problem with the connections they have - and of course, what could be worse than finding information about someone too late, when all one had to do is spend a few minutes online and run a simple search query.

    The UK online criminals' records platform simply needs the name of a person that is resident in the UK in order to run an online search. The online platform will enable people to find criminal records in a short time, and what is also important to know, is that the search results are completely confidential so no-one will know if a person has been searching for their criminal background; Be aware that the online platform can check millions of records of criminals within a few minutes.

    The service of locating criminals' information can be easily done by using online tools, and is completely under the searcher control. The results which will be retrieved after submitting an online search query to the website's database are displayed in a clear and easy way so anyone that is interested, can understand the output of the search query and use its outcome for getting valuable information.

    Another aspect to consider about using this website's search capabilities is that today, people can easily check what records are being kept on themselves and also on other family members they are interested to know more information about, quickly and quite easily.

    Start Your Search...

    In order for one to start running an online search query, people should simply follow four simple steps (enter the person's name, run the search, choose the membership plan that fit your needs, pay a one-time fee) so at the bottom line it is quite easy for people to run an online search and to see what is recorded publicly about themselves or about any other person which is in question.

    Be aware, that the outcome from this online search can give the searcher a peace of mind in most cases, by just knowing the truth about a specific individual, when it should be understood that the entire process is completely legal (and quite quick and simple) as today, all people have the right to check the criminal past on any person by access a person's public criminal records

    Bottom line - we recommend people not to put it on the side for a long period, or leave it until you are regretful that you didn't know something sooner about someone you are close to. Act today, and keep you and your family safe, by getting access to relevant information.