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    A few years ago a new website in the UK was launched and became a huge and valuable information to be made available to the public. Its purpose was to help tracing people from the UK around the clock by using the World Wide Web (the Internet).

    The online website mentioned above is the which offers an exciting unique platform that supplies people the capability to search for individuals by name across the UK using the national census information of past decades, and find (in most cases) valuable information.

    What Is A Census?

    Censuses involve each and every household which receives a set of standard questions (a questionnaire) which they must complete giving a wide range of information regarding the occupants of their property. The UK census is a complete count of each person and household in the UK on a particular day in a particular year, the same method as in many other places across the globe.

    Since 1801 one has been carried out in the country every 10 years, with the most recent being the 2011 census, seven years ago. The UK census 2011 was compulsory for all households and the government was able to use the census data to indicate differences between populations in different regions throughout the UK, to allow for more effective planning for of transportation, housing, education and health services.

    Differences Between Censuses

    Over the last 200 years the UK census has changed in style, in questioning and in method of execution with the 1911 census being considered to be the first "high-tech" report. In the early days, for example in the 1841 census, field teams led the questioning and householders faced the challenge of completing the form independently regardless of ability to read or write.

    The 1851 census included voluntary questions about religion and education, but the 1861 census in Scotland was for the first time carried out under separate legislation and further differences came about in the 1871 census when a question about the unemployed was added, so it can be clearly understood that it took many years for the census to include all the relevant pieces of information.

    These reports show the changing roles of women in society with the 1891 census being the first to appoint females to the field team workforce while the 1901 census was the first report to analyze employed women by marital status. By the 1921 census households were being given the option to return their form confidentially if they chose and questions had been introduced about commuting, child dependency and educational qualifications.

    United Kingdom Census 2011

    The last census in the UK which took place during 2011 for England and Wales included approximately 26.4 million households (equivalent to 63.2 million people) which had to answer to the questionnaires that were handed to them for this purpose on the day of March 27, 2011, these people where asked questions in order to get a detailed demographic overview of England and Wales and that in order to get valuable information regarding the changes that happened since 2001 census.

    The people that took place in this survey could fill and submit their questionnaire in an online format, or fill it in on paper and post it back using the local mail service, where the government provided assistance in completing the questionnaire for those asking for help.

    It is important to understand that any individual who had lived (or intended to live) anywhere in the UK for at least three months was required to complete this questionnaire which took placed on March 27, 2011. Most of, if not all people, knew that by not returning a completed questionnaire with all answers, it could lead to a fine and might even lead in some case to a criminal record .

    How Can This Service Help Me?

    This unique people search service can really help an individual to locate the whereabouts of people who may have become estranged from their families, as well as assisting people who are interested in building their family trees and finding out more about their own past and to better understand their family history.

    People should know that over the recent years there has been considerable interest in using the Ancestry library edition in order to find information about families' histories, but today the online platforms available are being used more often because for example, a website like the enables people to run an online search query by conveniently storing in one place all the records for the last 200 years regarding UK censuses.

    How to Carry Out A Search

    Well, simply enter an individual's name into the search box that appears in every page in this website in the upper part of it, and begin a quick process of locating information by just clicking the "Search" button. One should know that by using this service they will be able to access the UK census databases in order to find the relevant records featuring the name in question.