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    The public records which are available in this unique online platform include information of various people who have lived or currently living in an island located in northwestern Europe and which is known as the United Kingdom (made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland).

    These are documents that do not hide any information of an individual, place or even a company, and therefore, they reveal the information by using online platforms or in an off-line format, such as public record which may reveal valuable information about the life of an individual living in the UK, including that person's criminal record, military record, birth, marriage and death records and in many cases, much more.

    In this context and with the capabilities of today's technology (which are getting better and better every single day) an individual's public record may include various online files which accompany a person's life from the moment of this person's birth throughout his or her life and until their last day (death record).

    These files which not far away were stored in an off-line format, thus, papers that were stored in real records which in order to find them a person had to invest hours to find them, and sometimes even couple of days in order to find a specific document which today can easily be found by just running an online search query by using this website's online search platform.

    Such public records can be very useful since they offer guidance, locations, and other important and valuable pieces of information on almost anyone located in the United Kingdom, and the info can be retrieved quickly and easily.

    Atlantic Records & Civil Records

    People should know that Atlantic records are dictated by the public records act that avails the necessary information to the UK public. Although this sounds restricting, when records are not controlled - some vital information may be exploited by some people exposing and endangering other person's welfares.

    The Atlantic records initiate a system that defines a department in which UK public records are handled. These files include online records and civil records from different niches like heritage records, genealogy records, marriage records, birth records, military records, and many other comprehensive details which may be necessary. It should be known that one can even locate someone's criminal file .

    Civil records are the files that a government or a state chooses to publicize the vital information of its citizens, companies or any other organization. This was first initiated to cater for the rights and freedom of the citizens as per the state records, and it's also being done these days in order to enlarge the transparency to the public.

    Availing civil records is taken as an achievement for many countries as they make information available in a very easy way to the general public. Although, A specific person case can be taken to be a civil record, it has been taken with negative influences from the public as they say it exploits their rights And dignity. A case of a particular person should be reviewed by others, and the information needed for the public to know will be published in some manner that any online searcher on the Internet will be able to gain access to it, and by that a person will be able to protect people close to them by making sure they will not be around criminals or people who have never been clean.

    Locating Legal Records

    Public certificates are legal records that are, and should be, available for the general public at any given time. These records include among other documents also state records , country's information, and, of course, many other personal records.

    These public files are necessary so that the general public can access, and be able to read and know about the development of their state. They tend to create public awareness and inform people about every state of the nation.

    For example, a Stockton record started at the end of the 80's, but not many people know it has to do with the story of Stockton which was first published in the local newspapers. But today with the improvement of technology, it can be available on the online platform, therefore, people can run an online search query and access a specific public record from the comfort of their home or office.

    These online capabilities expanded later on, and improved as legal record started to be made available for the public in an online format, and today many records can be accessed by using online people search services .

    Public Records Search

    In general, directory records are records that offer directions and informative data about a country, place or individuals, when on the same time people should know that directory records are sometimes regarded as public documents just like state records, and these files have the same functionally as any other legal record provided online.

    The independent records are records that are provided on a weekly basis. Mainly they are just consisted general information, and these independent records may at time be called news. People should know that they were first printed in newspapers and later on they were necessary to be put online as online records to be read and viewed by every individual who is interested. This appeared to be an achievement to any country that adopted this as a public record.