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    Like everywhere else in the world, England maintains its citizens' marriage documents, and a marriage record in the UK is often called a marriage certificate which is being held in a government office, but in many cases in the past, getting such a document was quite complex and sometimes took a very long period of time.

    Not many people are aware to the fact that this specific document (the marriage certificate) is part of the national civil registration system which creates legal documents. These valuable documents are mostly used to establish and protect the rights of individuals living in the UK.

    It is important to understand that the registration of marriage was one of the requirements of the UN Convention on marriage in 1962 (56 years ago), and many governments signed up and accepted its content.

    Today many people are talking about civil registration which is the recording made by the government regarding significant events in the life of its citizens, who decide not to get marriage in the old fashion way.

    These events include a person's birth, marriage and death, but people need to know that it is also being used by the UK government to create a database of statistics records which can help to future plan the country services and by that are mentioned: healthcare, housing and education.

    UK Marriages

    All UK marriages have been registered by law since 1837 in England and Wales, and since 1855 in Scotland. Responsibility for the administration and archiving of marriage records is with three offices in the UK. These are the General Register Office (GRO) for England and Wales, the National Records of Scotland (NRS) and the General Register Office for Northern Ireland.

    People need to know that registration is only for marriage in UK premises, whether religious, or a register office - a local government can approve alternative sites (such as a hotel or other optional locations).

    When talking about the history of marriages, people should know that UK marriages pre-dating 1837 were only recorded in the parish registers at the place where the couple was married, which was usually a church.

    These registers are now held in local registered offices, but people need to understand that there are now some procedures should be done to make the marriage records from the parish registers available online for the general public, and to be able to increase accessibility to these valuable sources of information, but one should also know that this is still in the early stages.

    During the last 20 years, the information from some parish registers has been transferred onto compact discs format (CDs), and people should know that some of them are also available online, together with other relevant and valuable records like: public records, criminal records, court records, birth and death records. Having said that, people can also use the genealogy services to find family members, locate their ancestors, and do much more research if needed.

    Marriage Records

    People need to know that as a public marriage record dated after 1837 can be accessed by using online platforms on the websites of the responsible government ministries.

    Having said that, people should know that a marriage certificate search query can be easily performed on the spot, and a marriage certificate can be quite easily tracked using this comprehensive database tool, and the relevant documents can be accessed online instantly and without the need to leave the person home or office to complete this search process, therefore, relevant information can be easily tracked today simply by running a search query.

    Be aware that running a marriage certificate search query can also be done through commercial websites which specialize in locating online marriage records, and even make it possible to view marriage certificates online by running a simple query from the searcher's smart-phone and get the relevant information in less than a minute on their cell-phone's screen.

    However, you should know that searching for UK marriage records pre-dating 1837 is less readily available online, and another point that should be understood is that today (2017), there are only one or two niche websites which can offer parish register transcripts, and this unique website is one of them, so why don't you start your search right away.